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'Mechanical Devils' premieres at festivāls Eiropas Ziemassvētki 2017

Pleased to share the last fruit of 2017, 'Mechanical Devils' for Perpetuum Ritmico, realised at festivāls Eiropas Ziemassvētki 2017, held at at Spīķeri concert hall on 21 December.

It was a pleasure collaborating with this talented trio, who's imagination is complimented well with discipline.

Here you can listen to the recording by Latvijas Radio 3, and also see a video of the final rehearsal I took from the balcony the day before. More about this piece can be found in the links below.

LR3 Recording:

Final Rehearsal Video:

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Radio Recording:

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Radio Publicity:

Latvia's Radio 3: Full Concert Replay and commentary:

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