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Endless Roar's "On the Wing" / "Spārnos" concert post factum

Endless Roar has always been about taking free improvisation music and smashing it together with new technology.

We had an interest to see what we could do with drones this summer. To view Riga from the air, but the gritty side of it. The neighbourhoods, the wilderness beyond. So we teamed up with aerial photographer Aleksandrs Muižnieks to get the shots. He was amazing at his work!

And then we wanted to make it into a kind of video track that would respond and react to spontaneous musical ideas. So we gathered additional materials, some crazy racing drone footage from another pilot Ervīns Ruņģis, also shooting in Riga and started to test different ways to make the video material audio-reactive.

The city is full of lines and geometric shapes, and grids of human pattern when seen from above, while nature is rich in texture, colour and fractals. So we wanted to somehow make a movement of music that could describe the transition of feelings between these two visual characters.

Arvydas Kazlauskas and Stanislavs Judins are both incredible players. The sheer energy, creativity, dexterity! I’m not a pro drummer nor visual artist.. mostly self taught but definitely had some huge help from some great mentors from season to season. Percussionist Rihards Zaļupe and visual artist Mārtiņš Dabolins this year were big inspirations for me as teachers.

We’re grateful to KKC and JVLMA for supporting and booking this concert, and hope to perform it again in the future! We're also grateful for Latvijas Radio 3 for their wonderful post-factum review starting at timecode 07:13.

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