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Vestards Šimkus X Endless Roar live in Ventspils

Grateful to Latvias Koncertzale in Ventspils and Miks Magone for organising this very special quarantine-time concert program.

Vestards Šimkus, Martinš Daboliņš, Stanislav Yudin, Arvydas Kazlauskas, Jachin Pousson (left to right), at Latvijas Koncertzale, Ventspils.

It featured the pianist Reinis Zarins in the first half, followed by a collaborative performance between pianist Vestards Šimkus and Endless Roar, made up of Arvydas Kazlauskas, Stanislav Yudin and yours truly. I invited Martinš Daboliņš, another long-standing collaborator, to join us as a visual artist, and we engineered a cymatic particle collider to be operated and filmed live during the performance, projected onto a large screen behind us.

Construction of a cymatic particle collider for live visual art projection with Martinš Daboliņš.

Visuals station onstage

This concert provided an opportunity to make use of the rare 4m vertical piano installed in Latvijas Koncertzale. Vestards ascended to the platform to deliver a deluge at the climatic end of both performances.

We look forward to further collaboration in this format and a possible studio recording of a repeat performance in 2021.


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