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Endless Roar
On drums


I am an active performer in several groups with diverse interests. These include electroacoustic improvisation, post-rock, alt-rock, audio-visual art music, and electronics. Each platform offers unique opportunities to grow and explore new ground while collaborating with amazingly talented individuals and friends.

Endless Roar Rush Hush LP.png

Endless Roar has evolved since its conception within the Noise genre, moving through Ambient Drone, Post-Rock and Free Jazz to arrive at it’s current state which is Free Improvisation, taking a necessary step away from the jazz vocabulary. However, we’ve kept elements of each style as we’ve grown, such as the loop and effect pedals, the synthesised noise shaper, and the electric guitar.

We’ve always been fascinated with trying to use new tech and gadgets to create our performances. We play and experiment a lot with tools like projectors, cameras, VJ software, loopers and effects, and try to form a kind of interaction from which something more than the music can emerge.

The music itself is necessarily free improvisation because at its core, Endless Roar is about creating circumstances where a small group of musicians can access and express their most exciting ideas and take full advantage of their unique skills together in real-time. Unlike free improvisation bands who claim to ‘show up and see what happens’, we spend a lot of time rehearsing and testing the technology.

We enjoy playing this type of music because in doing so we learn to listen more and more carefully and creatively. It’s not about breaking all musical rules for the sake of it, it’s more about making up your own rules as you go along, together with others to discover what could be. It’s a conversation, a game of evolving and shifting moods and feelings, a microcosm of social life. We invite the listener to play a creative role in listening also, and to make one’s own story and experience of it, together with us.


Endless Roar

Endless Roar’s debut release is a 5-track album featuring Jachin Pousson (b.1983, USA) on drums, electric guitar, electronics & visuals, Arvydas Kazlauskas (b. 1982, Lithuania) on saxophone, Kevin Ghosty (b.1983, Singapore) on baritone electric guitar.


Ambient Electronic Duo

Electronic music sensibilities are not taught in the conservatory, yet these prevail in both popular and underground genres. Exploring this field of music in collaboration with Vadims Pitlans, otherwise known in Riga as the DJ 'Trashy Kid'.

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