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'Tumulus' premieres at Riga Saxophone Days 2017

Arvydas Kazlauskas, for whom the piece was specially written, performed 'Tumulus' for Soprano and Baritone Saxophones and timpani at Riga Saxophone Days, JVLMA Great Hall, April 11 2017.

The objective of this project was the public performance of a new music composition for solo multi-instrumentalist. From the beginning, the idea was to combine soprano and baritone saxophones with timpani and electronics. This novel combination would involve challenging coordination and unconventional techniques for a solo player, and was aimed at exploring the limits of the contemporary solo repertoire for multi-instrumentalists.

I was happy to see this work placed within the Riga International Saxophone Days event context, alongside another premiere by Andris Dzenītis, and solo performances by internationally acclaimed Swedish saxophonist Jörgen Pettersson.

Postfactum on Latvijas Radio 3 can be heard here.

Video of the performance can be seen here.

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