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Endless Roar LP release: 25 Oct 2019

Endless Roar LP Rush Hush Cover

A long-sought dream is about to come true - We will have a vinyl.

Endless Roar will release it's first LP on 25.10.2019 with Jersika Records.

In live performance we use effects pedals, loopers, along with other electronic instruments bordering on noisy modular synth sounds quite heavily. This recording is much more acoustic. We were feeling in such a mood that day I think. It was a very nice sounding small room, so perhaps it felt more natural to let the noisy electronics rest.

The album is titled RUSH HUSH after the material that makes up Side A and B. Side A explores maximal playing, density and the self-organising chaos of city life. Side B is atmospheric and textural, with a feeling of mental spaciousness and curiosity found when being outdoors in nature.

It is an excellent snapshot of us last winter, and a truly sincere slice of time, carefully engineered by Jersika Records. Based in Riga, the label adheres to the fully analogue aesthetic - live mixing onto tape, cutting directly onto vinyl - and finds it's niche in experimental jazz and improvisation. Very thankful to Mareks Ameriks, producer, and label founder for picking us up and for capturing this musical moment, recorded on a cold winter morning late last year.

You can listen to Manchester-based Ono Tesla interviewing Mareks and Endless Roar on NTS Radio about the recording process and the positioning of this album, dubbed drone-jazz, in a Jersika Records Special program which aired this past summer: Take me there.

Special thanks also goes to Martins Dabolins for 3D conceptual photography, Sara Chong for hand drawn illustration, and Edgars Ameriks for the final cover and sleeve design.

Endless Roar is:

Arvydas Kazlauskas - saxophones

Stanislav Yudin - double bass

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