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Kolado - an Ancient Christmas Carol presented by Sun Horse

Sun Horse is a Folklore Electronic project founded by Elīna Ellere and yours truly, which binds historical folklore lyric and chant with modern electronics and percussion.

"Kolado" is the Latvian refrain of many Winter solstice songs, that sounds like shepherd's bells when chanted. The lyric concerns an ancient tradition of wearing costumes resembling mythical creatures or figures from the underside of the world, which is still practiced today by groups of mummerers who visit houses during the winter season, bringing blessings and good wishes. The second intervals are particularly typical of song from the Selonia region of Latvia. As a contrast to the modernly popular Christmas hits from which we cannot escape, we wished to create a mysterious and supernatural sound for this Christmas carol.

Historical lyric, melody and harmony sung by Elīna Ellere. Music and arrangement by Jachin Pousson.


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