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"Acclivity" LP release with Vestard Shimkus and Endless Roar

On September 9 2022, Jersika Records releases "Acclivity" by Vestards Shimkus (piano) and my improvisation ensemble Endless Roar, with Arvydas Kazlauskas (saxophones), Stanislav Yudin (contrabass), and yours truly on drums.

Recorded at Latvia's Radio studio by Mareks Ameriks, Mārtiņš Krastiņš and Ivo Tauriņš with a fully analogue signal chain from tape to vinyl.

Some video footage of the recording process can be seen here:

An article and an interview with the producer Mareks Ameriks and the pianist Vestards Shimkus can be found here:

Further reviews can be found listed below:

Ir magazine review, December 2022:

Mūzikas Saule journal review, December 2022:


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