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"On the Wing" flies to China for an exhibition

A piece of video art originally created for Endless Roar's performance "On the Wing" has been featured in the European Photography & Video Art Exhibition "City as Viewshed", hosted by Ningbo Urban Planning Exhibition Center in China, planned to be on display from November 24 2020- January 20 2021.

The program includes a selection of photographs and video art pieces from eastern european cities by several artists.

Unfortunately the text they used to describe me here (number 2) seems to have been copied and pasted from an old design portfolio they found online! In any case very grateful to have been included on this bill, and especially to my friend Hanqi Sheng, who made this connection possible.

The original film was a segment twice as long, and without a soundtrack (as it was meant to accompany live performance). The soundtrack I used in the final submission was an original electronic piece, to suit the exhibition context.

You may view the final result here:

Drone operated by Aleksandrs Muižnieks


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